Ps Emulator tweets

Psychedelic Gandalf

@abhishekmadan how is the ps emulator only 1.5 mb? :/

8 years ago


I liked a @YouTube video PS Vita Urbanix Exploit 1.81 FW GBA Emulator

8 years ago

Andy Kelly

This PS emulator will come in handy if I need any big, high-res shots of old games.

8 years ago

Aleef Mohamed

There will be ps vita emulator.. just wait..

8 years ago

spicy tuna roll

@sailor_moon_irl ps minis run in a psp emulator on the ps3 so that could be it

8 years ago

Krista Michaels

Is this an addiction? Help! o.o (btw, Nexus 7 is totally a phone now, NES, SNES, and PS emulator. Holy donuts, Batman!)

8 years ago

Jake Kosmatka

@LeMountainMan got my ps emulator and iso's to work on my comp.

9 years ago

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