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Albanaise Patron

@EliteAlbanian Ahh alright and chemistry, physics, biology and psychology haha

9 years ago


@buc_huntin my money says they find Adderall in his system....and if you think playing this game is a good idea, you don't know psychology

9 years ago

Courtney Price

Most of the psychology majors I know would make the weirdest therapists. #justathought

9 years ago


RT @GiftedHF: Psychiatrists Approve Massive Update To Diagnosis Manual. #2ekids #gtchat #psychology #badmoves

9 years ago

suzy newson

@Ch33kychops Nope not for me. But never say never. Psychology looks good as an add on. U can train after anp lv3 and nutrition! X

9 years ago

Caitlin Connolly

my room has tuned into a psychology hurricane? #messy

9 years ago

Abby Chavez

RT @WOWFactsOfLife: One psychology study claims that when you can't sleep at night, you're actually awake in someone else's dream.

9 years ago

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