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Hey, I'm Miley Cyrus from Hannah Montana & you're watching Disney channel.

1 year ago

Gary Lineker

Sky Sports reporting another club in for Bale. I understand Chelsea are waiting for him to complete his medical in Madrid before they pounce

1 year ago

Sports Quotes

1) Think positivly 2) Exercise daily 3) Eat healthy 4) Work hard 5) Stay strong 6) Worry less 7) Pray more 8) Be happy

1 year ago


Why We Love Sports Today: A child w/ cerebral palsy wished for Carlos Santana & Jason Kipnis to hit HRs. BOTH did »

1 year ago

Fill Werrell

My name is Miley Cyrus and your watching Disney Channel

1 year ago

Sports Wisdomâ„¢

If God gave you talent, then it is your job to work harder to perfect that talent. #SportsWisdom

1 year ago

Because I'm a Guy

Oh you're going to relax all day? My Saturdays consist of having to wake up early for sports.

1 year ago

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