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Why (and how) you should eat more *high-frequency* foods. #Ayurveda #healthyrecipes

1 week ago

Derek C. Dietz

RT @YogaBuzz: Having a blast at @HomeOfBud for Yoga + Beer with @MichelobULTRA Pure Gold tonight! #yogabuzz

1 hour ago

Leah Byrd

Getting some good energy going — feeling energized at PURE Yoga Dallas

1 hour ago


RT @arnabch01: @semicvet50 @VladimerAntonov @MontyNishimura @BrindusaB1 @Hakflak @BPerrionni @RitaCobix @amparofashion @Papryka5 @PasqualeT…

2 hours ago

Richard Le Gendre

Bigotry of the agnostics vs pure LOVE Spare the other don't mind others and don't mine your ego too

3 hours ago

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