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Natures Craft’s Lutein Pills for Healthier Eyes – Improve Vision and Clarity – Stop Macular Degeneration – Best Ocu…

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Luc Réfabert

@PaillardJM @Fr_Assos_Sante Fidèle a sa vision rouge brun jaune de la santé @Fr_Assos_Sante veut la disparition pu…

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Adam Likes Movies 🏳️‍🌈

@UberKryptonian As someone who has a love/hate relationship with Snyder films, I 100% agree that he deserves to hav…

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T'Challa 🐱

@FO_ASchatz Pure conjecture but does it seem like Brady's field vision has regressed. Obviously his arm has but I s…

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jolie laide

RT @elshadai_g: Legend says this tradition began in the 19th century during a famine when starving Hyenas began to attack livestock & peopl…

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