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【コース名】【Puzzle】ボムとたつまき 【ゲームスキン】マリオワールド 【難しさ】ふつう~難しい 【タグ】なぞとき / ギミック 【コースID】XGY… [スーパーマリオメーカー2] #スーパーマリオメーカー2

1 month ago

Greg Noe

RT @Iocesploc: I have uploaded a puzzle level to Mario Maker 2: SDY-CFJ-JQG If the puzzle level is too hard for you, I have a puzzle-free p…

1 month ago

Melee Player

chugging bang energy ♤♡♢♧ playing mario maker puzzle levels

1 month ago

Smol Mastif Writer

RT @voviat: play my mario maker levels and tell me what you think!! i got MINECRAFT TWO and a puzzle level there's also a third level i mad…

1 month ago

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To be honest I don't think the next Mario Maker 2 Level I'm going to put online will be all that difficult. I think…

1 month ago

Jack Bradshaw

@MTLSaiyan Funny enough, this one happened recently. In Mario Maker 2. I was playing online against 3 other people.…

1 month ago