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This kinda helps -- -- but there's no "Gtk.FILE_CHOOSER_ACTION_OPEN" when you use GObject…

4 weeks ago


@Luclu7_ @Turion64_Guy_fr J'ai tjrs des problèmes avec pygtk :(

1 month ago

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ICE’s mission is to protect America from the cross-border crime and illegal immigration that threaten national secu…

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A Private War

“An impressive film. Gripping and insightful.” —@LATimes | #JamieDornan is war photographer #PaulConroy (@reflextv)…

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RT @NeoCoillHQ: Loser's Penalty (Char. over 18) Get HiRes & more: Extra versions: https://…

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俺の名前は 橋本治兵衛、探偵さ

スマブラの海外版の紹介映像、アナウンサーが面白くてとても元気をくれます。 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Overview Trailer feat. The Announcer - Nint...…

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