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Finish my life coaching course, qualified and ready for the next thing #be_the_hero_of_you #Motivationalcoach #lifecoach

1 month ago

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James Ball

Canadian life expectancy: 82.1 years US life expectancy: 78.7 years Canadian health spend: $4,608/person US health…

3 weeks ago

Streamy Awards

.@EthanDolan and @GraysonDolan are taking home Creator of the Year! @csydelko & @elijahdaniel accept the award on t…

3 weeks ago


This Just In: According to sources, Rick Pitino has told members of his staff that he expects to lose his job.

3 weeks ago

Yng BrunchLord Infms

RT @BrianKarem: POTUS says in Indianapolis that the new tax cut won't help him. Question: How would we know? He has never released his tax…

3 weeks ago