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Reno Omokri

The quality of honey bees produce depends on the quality of flower that they consume. You are like a bee. The quali…

6 days ago

Рамиля Маратовна

RT @barun_admirer: “Trust me, nobody would want to know what I do in my free time. I only like reading books and spending time with my fami…

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Courtney Grout

Finding silver linings in this strange time is getting some quality, 1-1 interrupted time with individual kids woul…

19 minutes ago

Jerry Hatchett, aka ChopOMatic

@DaddyWarpig I still have a dream of seeing my books on bookstore shelves in airports. (Yeah, weird dream, I know.)…

27 minutes ago

Unapologetic 🇲🇦🇺🇸

Baby I don't play video games. Just give me some books, weights, your quality time and we'll be straight.

41 minutes ago

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