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Tray Bernaloupe🌹

Mayor Peewee Herman can't answer a question unless a billionaire codes a script into his peanut brain 🥴🙃 #PeteBooty #DemDebate

1 minute ago

M.C. Myers

@rcolintait @jtimsuggs to ask: is this a power only some Jedi can acquire? Maybe it is. But it's that question that…

22 minutes ago


@thehill Devin Nunes is an acting sock-puppet reading a rightwing script.."You ask the POTUS what do you want from…

1 hour ago


@thatginamiller @C4Ciaran @michaelgove What do you think is really going through his mind while staying on script,…

3 hours ago


@MaragaDv @Luther_Gen @mwanainchi1 @BasilioCC @PharaohMenya @ParassisO @AgoraClerk @Moha001_Onyango @MaMo_…

3 hours ago

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