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sarah lugor!

if i was at the beach at night and saw a shadow of one of these things moving towards me i would start believing in…

1 month ago

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Quick reminder that the US Congress is 73% male and that’s the lowest it’s ever been, in case you want 1 small cont…

1 month ago

Caity Weaver

I paid a $900 fee for my mom’s local paper to publish her obituary and a photo taken by my dad. The NY Post reprint…

1 month ago

Jackie Democracy rules.

RT @Scottmusicpiano: @BillPascrell Leonard Leo, the Federalist Society, and millions in dark money. They are responsible for Thomas, Robert…

1 month ago


RT @HHf34398433: สวัสดียามเช้าจ้าา มาเติมให้ลูกสาวคนสวยหน่อย I vote for #MTVLAKPOPLISA #MTVLAFANDOMLISA #MTVLAHITMONEY at this year's #P…

1 month ago