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FUN FACT: You can't even ride in an Uber without a mask. People who refuse to mask up should be banned from flying ALL airlines.

1 month ago


WATCH: #BTS Reveals The 3 "Rules" For Having Fun "#In_The_SOOP" In Exciting New Preview Of Season 2…

1 month ago

Khairul Hafidz

Seronoknya tengok semua excited boleh rentas negeri. Have fun gais. Yang penting let us safe travel. Do the screen…

1 month ago

Greedo - Master of Scum, Harbinger of Filth

@ReceiptCollect1 @Theycallme_TACO @HiDeF_352 @uglyprimo Oh okay I see you've just got developmental issues, mb didn…

1 month ago

Lancelot the Lion (Mercenary)

RT @LewdestBirdie: “With Eggman defeated, it’s time to have some fun~!” — Sonic Forces OC | Character + Art /not/ mine — Lewd mostly / Non…

1 month ago

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