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Gamma Nine

What does one bring to shoot in #deathvalley ?! #nikond4 #elimchrom ranger quadra #macbookpro #nikond700 @Am http://t.co/9NaIIsjg


5 years ago

Scott Kelby

@qcharles1991 The Ranger battery has proprietary plugs so you can't plug a BXRI into a Quadra pack --- only Quadra heads.


5 years ago


@ScottKelby I was thinking battery packs (ranger quadra) was versatile and had sockets to plugin. I would have did that w/bxri500 lol #FAIL


5 years ago


Weimaraner shot by Klaus Dyba using Pocket Wizard MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 and Elinchrome Ranger Quadra s http://t.co/EwoTjl4I


5 years ago

FN Bursa

Mobile Light \'Elincrome Ranger Quadra RX-S Kit, with 4 modifiers (mint condition) - Rp. 22500 - M. Ali Abdul J http://t.co/ZvCjT2sl


5 years ago

Alexander Brucolini

RT @strobox: Best of the Week: DSC_5181_small.jpg - Model: Dalida Brito Photo: Alexander Brucolini Two elinchrom ranger quadra w... htt ...


5 years ago

Miguel Fuentes

@ZachandJody your ranger quadra are well-priced. One set used cost 1100 bucks.


5 years ago

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