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RT @James46888: William Lane Craig - 'Grim Reaper Paradox' #God #Theism #Atheism #Christianity

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Steven (Cube)

@daniel52464547 @Bellpipe41 @PBDerbysAtheist Biased site is biased. kWg

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@Bellpipe41 @PBDerbysAtheist Infact Vilenkin states himself that WLC represents the theorem well…

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@DSmilodon Here is a list of facts concerning the resurrection:

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Mark Goodnight

Two Questions on the Origin of the Disciples’ Belief in Jesus’ Resurrection | Reasonable Faith

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Joel Osteen

Let go of the disappointments of yesterday; let go of what didn’t work out. Get your mind going in the right direct…

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Scott Dworkin

Subpoenas are starting to fly from the Capitol. If you defy a subpoena, then that is your legacy. Etched in stone.…

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Chowkidar Er Aijaz Hussain

We never lost the faith in #IndianDemocracy nor muslims lost faith in @narendramodi Ji . Muslims like @RanaAyyub h…

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Chris Loesch

@CB_200000000 I can use either from a logical perspective against moral relativity. I don’t need to abandon my fait…

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RT @SommerRay: blossoming into a badass woman with more faith than fear

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