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A Shady Dame From Seville

There's an essay to be written about how much William from Girlfriends is actually a figment of good-faith imaginat…

2 days ago

Joe Lopez

RT @stevemalter: @marcorubio We are protesting the forcing of Catholicism on the nation. Catholics who keep their faith reasonable and do n…

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𝓜𝓲𝓜𝓲. Where are the leaders?

@AnnieGabstonH A decision that could not have possibly been made in good faith because reasonable people know this…

20 minutes ago


@ClarencDarrow The more time that passes, I lose faith that reasonable people will finally say "enough!" This is t…

21 minutes ago

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Adivi Sesh

Wishing a heartfelt happy birthday to Superstar @urstrulyMahesh sir! Today’s a festival for the millions! Your enco…

1 month ago


RT @mzmarisaa: Stop disrespecting Christianity .

1 month ago


RT @SCOANTBJoshua: From the United States, Mexico, Zimbabwe, Peru, South Africa, viewers connected by faith with Emmanuel TV for divine int…

1 month ago