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Ben Kitili

The thing with the Edgar Obare type of 'exposés' is that it's poorly done journalism. One-sided stories, half-baked…

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Paddy Cosgrave

It turns out a group of world class Irish software engineers had a contact tracing app ready to go for Ireland in M…

1 day ago

Rafael Correa

Realmente #ElPeorGobiernoDeLaHistoria está desesperado. Lo que hacen ya es irracional. Por favor, renuncien y no si…

4 hours ago

Youtube: It’s Joyful Joy

I recently saw on my timeline that a black software engineer was murdered by a racist neighbor. The software engine…

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Emma BLM 🍄

RT @KaleCaleb: if my austin comrades are planning on attending a protest and want to protect your identity beyond just a face mask look int…

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