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Keith Boykin

A white guy with an AR-15 killed 4 blacks at a Waffle House. Trump never said a word about it. And the media let hi…

3 weeks ago

Eric Bolling

#WHCD What a disgrace! A totally disrespectful “comedy” act. Degrading the office of POTUS then criticizing Press S…

3 weeks ago

Paul Farhi

I’m afraid all the debate over whether Michelle Wolf was too mean to Sarah Sanders is going to overshadow this juic…

3 weeks ago

Diane Davis Weeks

RT @timmthelen: #MichelleWolf "You guys (Media) are why Trump is here." #WHCD #Trump "Look at the Media. They are your enemies." Michigan…

3 weeks ago

Massimo Pecori

RT @soemiade: Strani i dirigenti PD ke si lamentano xkè Renzi continua a dare la linea.R ha semplicem espresso la sua posizione come fanno…

3 weeks ago