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Maxine Waters

Outrage! Judge Day ordered release of a white supremacist who threatened to kill me, Speaker Pelosi, Leader Schumer…

1 month ago


Imagine volunteering to fight for the military that beat the Nazis. Becoming a Navy SEAL. Serving 10 years. Deployi…

1 month ago

Pete Buttigieg

This Shabbat brings another deadly attack on Jews, at worship, on American soil. Whenever anyone comes to harm beca…

1 month ago


RT @td_deluxe: I can boldly say I never throw trash on the floor/in gutters. If I can't find a proper bin when I'm out, I keep paper wraps…

1 month ago

trekzy poo

RT @leahdb98: my cousin is missing and hasn’t been seen since April 1st. his name is Alex and he’s only 14. he was last seen in San Diego,…

1 month ago