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Emma T

@genuineplacebo There's some nice neutral ones here - greys/more block oriented, but still fairly female…

3 weeks ago

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Paula White-Cain

I pray every spirit creating strife, division and wounding within your relationship be exposed and overturned in th…

2 weeks ago


EXC | We can confirm that Eddisbury Conservatives are taking no chances in ridding themselves of Snaky @Sandbach an…

2 weeks ago


『The Last of Us』9月26日のアウトブレイクデー(感染爆発の日)を記念して新規PS4テーマ「The Last of Us Part II グランジテーマ」を無料配信中! これまでに配信されたシリーズ関連アバターやPS…

2 weeks ago

publicly owned ditty

RT @histoftech: “This ‘submissiveness in the face of anger’ feature in a feminine-voiced digital assistant strengthens so many m dangerous…

2 weeks ago