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Seth Abramson

Trump's three solutions to shooting massacres in U.S. schools: 1. Thoughts 2. Prayers 3. Skipping Golf Once

4 weeks ago


BTS stars in Billboard package featuring 8 different covers A first for us! We are selling BTS limited-edition bo…

4 weeks ago

Moms Demand Action

On March 24, students in D.C. and across the country will #MarchForOurLives, demanding lawmakers do their jobs and…

4 weeks ago


@brnslikewenipvp They have tactical 4v4 Custom games and competitive ladders that I know of. But your play style is…

3 weeks ago

M4A Now

RT @RLisDead: I gotta say tho, that Black Panther as Gates Foundation twist at the end had to be satire lol. The movie ended like “Black pe…

3 weeks ago