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After five draft deferments Donald Trump has finally found a war he wants to fight - against the USPS! If he had s…

1 month ago

Joe Biden

.@KamalaHarris is the daughter of proud immigrants—a mother from India and a father from Jamaica—who raised her to…

1 month ago

Candace Owens

Fun Fact: @Facebook is censoring this information from its platform. They have demonetized my page for “spreading f…

1 month ago


RT @asaka_mikan: 『いいひと、はじめました。』が1個目のスターを獲得しました! #エブリスタ #コメディ はやすぎる……!早速読んでくださりありがとうございます! 自分で描いた(と言っていいのか?)、お気に入りの…

1 month ago

gilbert m rogers

RT @MrMichaelBurkes: The only African-American DNA found in Kamala Harris was from Willie Brown.

1 month ago