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Globe Telecom

SPOTTED! A powerful phone for the 7 powerful men of @BTS_twt. 💜👀 Wonder if they'll take a selca with the… https://t.co/gjMKdo51xm


6 hours ago

Robert Reich

Your daily reminder that Steve Mnuchin thinks a few hundred bucks in unemployment benefits makes American workers l… https://t.co/QCaR831Y6t


5 hours ago

Selena Gomez

Praying for everyone in Lebanon. So heartbroken. @unicefusa @unicef https://t.co/0q2GoiZ- l0R https://t.co/Ne6HhibF54


4 hours ago

hyung il choi

RT @dentacoin: 🏆 Shoutout to H.A. van Rijn, one of the Top #Dentists of the Month for July, recognized as a Pioneering Partner Clinic. Chec…


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RT @sadeadekugbe: This is how much people are being made to pay for sanitary products in Zimbabwe right now. This is completely inhumane an…


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Owl the Gnus....

RT @farhip: For comparison: Arizona (population 7.3 million): 1,008 new cases reported on Tuesday. Germany (population 83 million): 879…


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