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William Dalrymple

In 802, two years after Charlemagne declared the Holy Roman Empire in St. Peters, on the remote hilltop of Phnom Ku…

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Hard Drive

Historians Now Believe Roman Empire Fell Because You Didn’t Build a Tower Right Here

6 days ago

National Geographic

Hadrian’s Wall once marked the extent of the Roman empire in Britannia. Now it’s a pit stop on the way to Scotland’…

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Cambridgeshire Gardens Trust

RT @Roman_Britain: Locally discovered #Roman treasures to be displayed in #Ely for first time outside London as part of new exhibition 'Mar…

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Samuel 🇸🇲🇪🇦

RT @Purpura57912934: The Palaeologan Renaissance (1261-1453) was the final flowering of medieval Roman culture, eventually spreading beyond…

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