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Rob Parham

Democrats’ Short-Sighted Impeachment Talk: via @KarlRove

1 month ago

Jim O'Sullivan

The Other House Race: #KarlRove fails to make it clear that if the Dems win the House, the ‘other’ House race won’t…

1 month ago

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Thom Hartmann

#Kavanaugh Scroll down and take a look at the picture of Kavanaugh and Karl Rove. It gave me shudders...

1 month ago

Robert Reich

Anyone who Karl Rove embraces cannot ever be trusted to be a Supreme Court justice.

1 month ago


RT @TrickFreee: @ItIsIMack @TanyasTwit @vidalexperience @rubenkmajor @Rebecca110513 @Holly_not_Dolly @KrukMatt @carolecadwalla @daisybetty…

1 month ago


RT @jennycohn1: @equalandallied1 @lovetogive2 22. Per Craig Unger (editor Vanity Fair, author "Boss Rove"), the MILLIONS OF MISSING EMAILS…

1 month ago