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Latest tweets that mention “Regina Russell's Psychic Phone Readings”

Natasha Bertrand

Laughter erupts after Jim Jordan asks Rosenstein: "Did you threaten to subpoena their calls and emails?" "No, sir,…

1 month ago

John Harwood

my high school classmate Pat Furgurson is a Capital Gazette reporter. He told his wife Becky (also a classmate) tha…

1 month ago

Karen Kilgariff

once at a party I was stuck in a boring group conversation then I remembered I had a banana in my purse so I pulled…

1 month ago


RT @hazeleyesgirl2: For those of you buying toys for your child online i loathe you that was the best part of being a child running up and…

1 month ago


RT @Sllick_E: I’m not hiding my phone from you.... I’m hiding you from my phone....

1 month ago