Running tweets


Omg my baby is up and running

7 years ago


@amersRN87 in amersterdam?! Was run run rudolph running through your mind?! You're almost home!! #fivemorehours

7 years ago

Cana Lewis

Im running The Olive Branch today:) Hope that best friend of mine comes! #Yay

7 years ago

Jason Evan Mihalko

There are a variety of versions: @DrJenGunter: @jaypsyd @Doctress_Intl I may need to add that song to my running mix!”

7 years ago

Andy Geldean

Happy Birthday to @KyleSwanson12 Summer running 2013! Geldo and Swamerson are running the show!

7 years ago

Thomas Arifin

Running a @QuickPull on my BlackBerry. Brb!

7 years ago


We r running business giving our sweat and blood. give us atleast 12 hours of power a day please!! @realsarathkumar

7 years ago

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