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António Guterres

Sea level rise in some Pacific countries is 4 times greater than the global average - an existential threat to many…

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✨5/21配信1周年記念公式生放送内宝くじ対象ツイート✨ フォロー&RTで応募完了! 「期間限定英雄&才能- の光」など豪華賞品ラインナップからお好きなものがもらえる!- ▼賞品ラインナップはこちら▼…

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Tony Posnanski

The Democrats are wrong to be shy about impeachment - putting Trump's lies and crimes on TV for weeks on end is pro…

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RT @fadlizon: Fadli soal Forum AHY dan 8 Kepala Daerah di Bogor: Buat Arisan Sekalian

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City sauna sheffield

Come and check out the new City - #Punterchat via @Punterchat

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