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Ask your listeners to send you Voice Messages and include their voices in your podcast! It's a really cool new way…

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BBC Get Inspired

From wheelchair racing to motor racing.... Ashley Archer is one cool guy 😎 After watching @davidweir2012 win fou…

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Oakland Raiders

"To have wideouts reaching out, saying, ‘Man, let’s go do this...’ It’s pretty cool." @derekcarrqb discussed his n…

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Canuckchik 🇨🇦💖🇺🇸

RT @PPCGuelph: "A new party can't win. No time. No infrastructure..." https://t- .co/WJiVmzNtdj Ahem. But no, it's cool. Keep doubting, b…

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📷 【TumblrのCoolな画像を紹介】 (^ ^;) 絶滅危惧種 CM:

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Escrevo em texto porque a minha pronúncia não é muito boa. Para as nossas ARMYS que estão do outro lado do mundo, n…

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Oh CHIMMY, You are worth a billion gazillion likes in our hearts❤ #CoolKid #AwkwardKid #CHIMMY #Rival #CHIEF…

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Tica | É HOJE!! 💜

RT @jikookingss: o hoseok fechando os olhinhos quando as armys gritam o nome dele é a coisa mais linda do mundo ele merece muito isso tudo…

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