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Nintendo of America

Do you have a friend who never loses their cool? Who’s always laid-back? Tag a friend who keeps it chill like Funky…

1 month ago

Paddy Power

'And it's a number 7 you want shaved in your head?' 'Yep, that's right.' 'And just to check, you do realise you'r…

1 month ago


morning team, let’s all work together today and harass our friends at school or work to get hasta, if you don’t hav…

1 month ago

Mr. President

RT @RexTestarossa: You can go with the “love conquers hate” stuff, that’s cool if it works for you but the world is sunshine and rainbows a…

1 month ago

Jazz Masterson 2.0

@RealSkipBayless That's cool.

1 month ago

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