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U Bum

Bernstein Bears not Berenstein, Sinbad was a genie in some movie, and Sally's HAS AN 'S'. DONT RUIN THIS FOR ME

1 week ago

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The Dodo

This guy thought he was giving a stray dog a treat — but she ran off with the food and led him to the sweetest surp…

1 month ago

Matthew Miller

This is an absolute lie. The Treasury Sec. is not on the list of govt officials (DoD, AG, FBI Dir, etc) required to…

1 month ago

Doug Censor Martin


1 month ago


You know what when I'm my mum and dads age, and I leave my kids for a long weekend. I will actually provide them with food and toiletries

1 month ago


trying to find good music on Soundcloud is like shopping at Forever 21- you have to sort through a lot of crap to find a gem

1 month ago