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Amar Ujala

समर खान का बजा ओटीटी पर डंका, जेनिफर विंगेट के साथ बनाएंगे हिट सीरीज का दूसरा सीजन #SamarKhan #CodeM…

3 hours ago

Theodore Te

The QW action falls squarely under the Gios-Samar rule (see link). The SC should "refuse to resolve the question re…

1 week ago

BBC News Hausa

Shin za a iya cimma muradin samar da kudin bai daya na Eco?

2 days ago

Aarsh Gujjar

@SaMar_1237 @Devil007_ @1000Gladiator @Gujjar1lagpal @Talatgondal555 ALLAH ka wasta mera naam untag ker do chatting…

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महेन्द्र पाल #प्रशासक समिति

RT @ParasKGhelani: “Shri Guru ji inspired the qualities of patriotism, dedication and service in thousands of youth of the country.” - Shri…

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Happy New Year! If you’re reading this I pray that God blesses you with everything ya heart desires this year. Be…

1 month ago

Field Yates

I can't recommend this incredible @SportsCenter recap of sports in the 2010's enough.

1 month ago

Jack Lang

Mourinho: "The yellow card was fair, because I was rude. But I was rude to an idiot"

1 month ago


Maybe I’ll just tweet my feelings

1 month ago