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Douglas Ross MP MSP

If you put the same effort into boosting the vaccine rollout as spinning the stats on Twitter, you would’ve met thi…

1 month ago

JC Tretter

The pandemic is not over, but if we work together and follow the same playbook as we did last year, we will play an…

1 month ago

John Ziegler

How many Americans know the following 3 critical facts? -USA ave daily deaths with COVID have DROPPED 19% in the l…

1 month ago

Virginia Paine

RT @MKEDefenders: 24.5 YEARS. That is the difference between the sentences for 2 individuals who were sentenced to similar facts. All in th…

1 month ago

Chris Topher_Autism Dad

@ChanteclerTO @LovesCanada8 @COVIDZeroHero Misrepresentative because it goes against your argument and position? Fa…

1 month ago

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