Sams tweets

Ryan Sugden

I'm at the Starbucks by Sams Club if anyone wants to join me while I watch drag queen music videos and attempt to write this paper.

11 years ago


@_yoshiz I want to get brown once :)

11 years ago


@Kaayaa_Raquel oh lol yea my mom a gold member @ sams club they give it to u for 96 cents that's gr8 :D

11 years ago

Shock G

My little 14 year old cousin in sams last night

11 years ago

Samantha Gasior

RT @Ky_Ty_10: I just gotta go. Screw this

11 years ago

Associate Settlement

Did I mention I am back from SAMs club, and will not need more toilet paper until 2014?

11 years ago

Chris Topher Klann

90% sure that Old Yeller was playing on a tv at Sams Club. I had the 6 year old. Fml.

11 years ago

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