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Deborah kress

@FrankLaRose Ohioan here. Keep the election fair and make it easy for everyone to vote. Dont play games with our de…

20 minutes ago


I swear the only thing that keeps me sane is recording & writing music, it’s literally the only form I know on how…

8 hours ago


But little cowja is no match for SP and only served to arouse him more. Watching a cute little heifer shaking his a…

16 hours ago

Zack Smith

@MAHMUDU69861081 @apostateali Funny bcz if that were true most ppl wd think the sane but we see not even sublings t…

17 hours ago

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Jack Posobiec

BREAKING: Lead story on Daily Mail

1 week ago

Don Winslow

Your daily reminder that @Sen_JoeManchin represents one person: himself. An opportunistic, transactional wheeler-d…

1 week ago

Ashish K. Jha, MD, MPH

Latest from Israel Don't know if they've hit herd immunity But they have very few infections daily Test positivi…

1 week ago

alex clements

RT @CRUKRoadshow_SE: Using the stairs instead of the escalator is a good way to increase your steps and help towards your daily exercise t…

1 week ago