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Pauli Van Wyk

#Budget2018: If successful tax administration, productiveness and expertise at #SARS is measured by the revenue it…

1 day ago

Times LIVE

Ramaphosa vows to tackle corruption, problems in SARS and NPA

6 days ago


"You’d kind of want #PravinGordhan in for a week [as Finance Minister] just so he can have the satisfaction of firi…

3 days ago


RT @EARL_Med_Tw: 対処急ぐべき感染症9種類を公表 公衆衛生上リスクとWHO - クリミア- ・コンゴ出血熱 エボラ出血熱 マールブルグ病 ラッサ熱 中- 東呼吸器症候群(MERS) SARS ニパウイルス感染症 - リフトバレー…

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激しい下痢を起こしたときはどうするか。犬にかまれたときには- どう処置するか。SARSから食中毒まで、海外に行く前に読み- たい感染症対策 海外旅行の感染症から身を守る本 https- ://

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Tumelo Nyamane

@MotsoMatsu He must appount @ThuliMadonsela3 as head of NPA and @nhlahla Nene as head of Sars, Naledi as min of pub…

3 days ago

Abraham Moses

RT @GbemiOO: No light at home unless you put on your (most likely) noisy gen & that’s IF you have fuel ....then get on the road and the tra…

3 days ago

The Caleigh Diaries

If you hate someone (I mean, worse than if they murdered a family member hate), send them to Unisa with the goal of…

3 days ago

Nnadi dozie

RT @oluwapower: Nigerians will move from a topic in a week max, no matter how important it seemed at first. Twitter doesn't reflect real li…

4 days ago

Glenda Nevill

@PennyHaw Nooooo! My home office looks like a SARS sorting office today. Strength!

4 days ago