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Sen Dianne Feinstein

Economists say the Senate #GOPTaxPlan will increase our debt. I believe Republicans will use that as an excuse to g…

2 weeks ago

Matt O'Brien

To say that this takes Republican economists to the woodshed is a bit of an understatement

2 weeks ago

Laura Kahn

Fascinating. At Yale, we conducted an experiment to turn conservatives into liberals. The results say a lot about o…

1 week ago

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Will Saletan

Nov. 9: WP reports Moore accusations. Nov. 10: Project Veritas agent emails WP to offer bait. Nov. 11: Moore says:…

2 weeks ago

Bernie Sanders

37 of 38 experts agreed that the Republican tax bills would cause U.S. debt to increase "substantially" faster than…

1 week ago

kathy cole

RT @washingtonpost: Analysis: Deeply unpopular Congress aims to pass deeply unpopular bill for deeply unpopular president to sign https://t…

1 week ago