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REMINDER on what Trumpism truly is about: 52% of Trumpers would support postponing the 2020 election if Trump asked…

1 month ago

Orin Kerr

Trump's recent statement that he has unlimited authority reminds me of this passage I wrote in 2016 shortly before…

1 month ago

Kunal Purohit

Soaps, masks and a livelihood. What people deep inside, in India's mining areas want. @jugalrp tells this important…

1 month ago

Heikki Hietala

@editor_wp @SportsRory @CNN @ForecasterEnten A true leader would never say this: Trump: ‘I Don’t Take Responsibili…

1 month ago

Shasta Rayne ⭐️

I had someone recently tell me that they thought that the National Pain Strategy had not been funded. Here is a le…

1 month ago

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