Schedule tweets

!TruSt '&& BeLiEveĀ”

I hate my schedule but the pay is perfect :-)

8 years ago

Steve Smith

@Dan_SCP Dude, that comment you left Jorge on the NBA schedule...I nearly spit coffee on the computer screen - hilarious!

8 years ago

Breanna McEwen

Why did I schedule an in car so early.. Why

8 years ago


Got my schedule. Yikes. 1st in round one -.- #nervous

8 years ago

Sweets Thompson

Ight time to get out of here. Work all day. Schedule is getting busy as heck.

8 years ago

Rodney Boyd

@blakeshelton Ya gettin any huntin in with your busy schedule #lovetohuntem

8 years ago

Violet R

@JackAllen91 Hi, I just wanted to ask are you going to play the show(s) tomorrow? Is it possible to get your schedule for next week? Thx :)

8 years ago

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