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The State Board of Education's next meeting is set Dec. 12-13. For more information about the upcoming meeting, go to

5 years ago


@TrixieMercury I know and I like meetings, just having a hard time with my schedule.

5 years ago

Cherz aka CA

No matter how much I plan and adjust my schedule... I've been 1hr early for these meetings.

5 years ago

Mark Berthelemy

Doodle is a fantastically easy way to schedule meetings when you can't see each others' calendars: #yam

5 years ago

sarah m

Not really sure why, with my level of education, I am the one trying to schedule meetings, but a Ph.D. outranks a J.D. around here

5 years ago

Rocco Crusher

@runanskyrun Dude, you should see my schedule these next 2 weeks. Chock full of group lunches, department meetings and town halls. #waste

5 years ago

Reach High Scholars

Meeting after school today! agenda: New schedule for meetings! Holiday party! Summer!

5 years ago

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