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Misha Collins

TX has 38 electoral votes, making it the biggest battleground state. Every $1 we donate helps get 2 vote-by-mail ap…

1 month ago

Sonia Sodha

The UK has one of the worst death tolls in the world, a PM putting politics before public health & a govt that is f…

1 month ago

Kyle Kashuv

BREAKING: Police Keep Antifa Away From Statues By Taping Job Applications Onto Them

1 month ago


If you’re white and wondering why you should care about racism... “it doesn’t affect me” We live in a society wher…

1 month ago


RT @NilesHughes: I work for the USPS. Our version of 401k is called the Thrift Saving Plan. Trump just pressured the Director out of office…

1 month ago