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Paul Joseph Watson

Newsflash; A national democratic referendum is more important than your game of scrabble. The fact I even have to p…

5 days ago

Le Monde diplomatique

Parmi les appellations piégées qui ruinent le langage et rongent la pensée, celle de « radicalisation » occupe sur…

1 week ago

Premium Times

Nigeria’s Moses Peter wins African scrabble championship

1 week ago

Andrew Cross 🇪🇺 🐝🔶

Let’s just #RevokeA50 and change ALL of the party leaders whilst we’re at it? Like swapping all of your letters in scrabble.

1 minute ago

Iso Ijah

What's the strangest word you've come across I'm the English dictionary? Where ' my scrabble tweeple at?

2 minutes ago

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