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Nate Silver

It can start words. It can end words. It can come in the middle of words and totally change the sound. It can prop…

17 hours ago

Gary Delaney

I can't believe man wife only got me a Scrabble set for my birthday, we shall be having words.

1 day ago

John Fugelsang

Troll, you elected a sociopath under FBI investigation. And call yourself 'scrabble fan' while supporting a 72 year…

4 days ago


RT @correctnct: taeyong: jaehyun don’t say a word jaehyun: jaehyun: yeet- taeyong: i said no words jaehyun: oh but last week when we wer…

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boom panes, rad mo to

RT @incorrectmeanie: wonwoo: gyu, don’t say a word. mingyu: mingyu: yeet- w- onwoo: i said no words. mingyu: oh, but last week when we were p…

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Luc Schrijvers

#Worldwide #Information #Blogger #LucSchrijvers: #Scrabble #adds #LGBTQ #words like #‘transphobia’ & ‘#genderqueer…

3 weeks ago