Screensaver tweets

Emmanuel Arevalo

RT @SAVE_US_GSM: Which of these pictures should be my new screensaver?

6 years ago

Graham Mirmina

Yep, I'm totally using the top image as my new screensaver for the new month. It perfectly describes my hunt for #onemorechance.

6 years ago

Fuck About Me

RT @CouponsEasy: Cathedral 3D Screensaver - #coupon Oct 2012 #AstroGeminiSoftware

6 years ago

☮Sunset Boulevard☮

i changed my brother's screensaver into emblem3 i wonder if he feels uncomfortable

6 years ago

Lois J. J.

RT @_TheGeoff: My new Nook screensaver: Chewbacca riding a giant squirrel into battle against hordes of WWII Nazis. #WhyTheHellNot?

6 years ago

ben rickards

RT @BaseballQuotes1: Here it is as promised, the screensaver! Tweet me a picture of you using it for a follow back!!

6 years ago

old peanut brittle

the first time i showed my om that screensaver video i asked her if she would let me date him and she said no

6 years ago

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