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Dr. Eli David

@Mangan150 The government and Ministry of Health incite panic, approve boosters, and then try to convince people th…

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For those who had an inkling Spielberg had a great musical in him (see set pieces in both 1941 & Temple Of Doom) wi…

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ET Canada

.@TomHolland1996 reveals he will be playing Fred Astaire in an upcoming film, telling reporters at the London premi…

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@roygbvbee well cause of the leaks of the script the crosswalk had to be aired after all the concerts were done sin…

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RT @youngstars710: 211205 Q: Did u ask the crew why they picked u to act as Lin Hao? Yixing: Honglei-ge called me, "Yixing, come over to…

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