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Shannon Watts

“...the researchers found that for each 10 percentage-point increase in a state’s rate of household gun ownership,…

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Steve Vladeck

This. Is. Not. Okay. (And if it's meant as a threat, it's also a felony:

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Kat Blaque

Intersectionality was a term coined by a black woman named Kimberle Crenshaw, (who by the way is still alive…

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RT @NASAJPL: Beauty shines bright in the sky tonight 🌕 Check out our guide on how to create your own 2019 Moon phases calendar before this…

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Heather Lorenz

RT @SNHUWomensCtr: Registration is live for our International Women's Day Celebration 2019! Join us at @SNHUOnCampus on March 7th for this…

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