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•em ( i l y

Having to drive my self to ash house cause my stepdad didn't want to

6 years ago

Hannah Woytek

The worst part about this drive is I can smell my self. And after a game im not fresh and clean

6 years ago

♥mia gambino♥

note to self.. drink or get high before getting in the car with my aunt at night LOL... she cant see well driving and will drive YOU nuts =/

6 years ago


RT @MarsCuriosity: Point, Shoot, Drive, Drill: How I got that self-portrait, plus, my recent drive & plans to drill [video] http://t ...

6 years ago

Ashley Dionne

RT @HaleyWiberg: Note to self: I do not have four wheel drive, therefore back alleys are not for me.

6 years ago

Mike Oliveri

Note to self: do not make faces or pick nose at the Starbucks drive through. I see now they have a video camera on the order box.

6 years ago

Sam Wong

RT @rev_michael: The internal drive of a #seeker is a result of asking self-imposed questions.

6 years ago

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