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In Houston, the fax is so overwhelmed that it is spitting pages all over the floor. In Philadelphia, a team is loo…

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Aaron Levie

If any healthcare providers working on COVID-19 response are bottlenecked by fax machines or other outdated tech, w…

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Sarah Kliff

Good morning, this is how coronavirus test results are transferred and tracked in 2020.

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RT @livedoornews: 【再発防止を指示】コロナ感染者の個人情報、コンビニで流出 神奈川 - 民間の搬送業者がコンビニから患者の名前等が書かれた搬送記録- を委託先にFAXしたが、送信記録を取り忘れたという。

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Gabriel Gonzalez

@theriderbros @ItsMeMikey3 @katejhollis Fax

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