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Matt Haig

Being pro-choice isn't LIKING abortion. No-one LIKES abortion, you maniacs. It's simply admitting women have the ri…

3 weeks ago

Joan Walsh

Harvey Weinstein gets indicted. Ireland overwhelmingly legalizes a woman's right to choose. It's a good day for wom…

3 weeks ago

Jamil Smith

“In attempting to make white America comfortable, the NFL has decided to to deny players the very freedom of speech…

3 weeks ago

Coach Dayne Poirot

RT @JayHarbaugh: Lots of HS’s last day of school was today... make great choices!!! Don’t drink & drive, stay out of situations where you d…

3 weeks ago


RT @nalisaaa: The reason why this Azrul fella is so ballsy to call the radio just to tegur Nurul Izzah is because majority of yous enabled…

3 weeks ago