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#metoperalive And what a superb Annio! Must keep an eye on Kate Lindsey. Her Annio was more of a Sesto then Sesto himself.

11 years ago


@opera_swag @moserbess I'm sure. Sesto is like the perfect role for her. But I still love Non piu di fiori more that Parto parto.

11 years ago


@weltatem @opera_swag Haha! Yes. Well, Sesto WAS wearing a "skirt".

11 years ago


@phantomunmasked @NonPiuDiFiori lol no i didn't mean tonight. just, don't start sesto/tito until you finish rosenkavlier. pretty please.

11 years ago

Fabio Lombardo

I'm at Yoji (Sesto San Giovanni, Italy)

11 years ago

J Gomez

@ the park with the monkeys... icant_believe_i bella10050 @gennysesto juan_sesto

11 years ago

Elio Pacilio

#DSH Daily Sound of Humanity ... Danilo e il sesto membro ...

11 years ago

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