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MTV Spotti

Viekö tekemäsi tv-mainos kuluttajan aivot narikkaan vai suoraan kaupan kassalle? Palauta mieleen #sfd18 , mistä on…

1 month ago

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Tommy Vietor

Brett Kavanaugh spent 5 years in the Bush White House. He undoubtedly sent tens of thousands of emails. All of thos…

1 month ago

Jimmy Labeeu

Arrêtez des vous insultez. Nous sommes frères. Réjouissons nous qu’il y ait une si belle demi finale entre deux mag…

1 month ago

Greg Sargent

It's so weird the way smart people are pretending not to understand that the problem people have with the media and…

1 month ago

Anthony A.

Need #Mixtape or #Project #Placement For #Mymixtapez -Will Be Uploaded As Soon As Possible -Affordable -Will Be Pro…

1 month ago