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Jeff Benjamin

Aaaand now it's officially certified by the @RIAA! I had my sources check a bit ago but had to wait to say anything…

1 month ago

earth music&ecology

応募はフォロー&リツイートだけ!2/13まで抽選で毎日「new balance×earth コラボスニーカー」が当たるチャンス!このツイートを2/13(火)9:59までにRT!規約→…

1 month ago

Dan Bongino

I’m taking a page from the Susan Rice playbook & sending myself an email documenting that I overpaid my taxes signi…

1 month ago

La Page Drôle

RT @Assialiah: Y'a vraiment des gens qui vont le faire pour être sauvé avant les bébés ?? Mdr c'est prodigieux

1 month ago

d e e p

RT @boyfiedramatic: Sabay-sabay nating itula Ang mga salitang inilathala Ng makatang pinaluha Lubhang pinaasa at iniwan sa wala Kaya pumunt…

1 month ago