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Ari Melber

More roasting of Comey: Horowitz finds it "extraordinary" Comey wouldn't even talk to his boss (DAG) or Lynch abou…

6 days ago

Jennifer Jacobs

*Some* of the RECOMMENDATIONS in new IG report: —take care before taking steps that could “impact an election” —don…

6 days ago

Robert Hunt

@AshaRangappa_ They should just do it already. If they think the kids protests are big, wait till they see what hap…

11 minutes ago


RT @DeepLifeQuotes: I'm perfectly imperfect. Because if you're perfectly imperfect, You always have to work on yourself. And if you work on…

20 minutes ago


Gisteren had ik een tweet van “RT or bad luck” met een gebroken nagel in’t midden. Ik heb dag niet ge-RT en nu ....................

38 minutes ago

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