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Therdy Mendoza

Sheldon's superhero shirts I want them

1 day ago

quark simp

@YouveGotRedOnU_ aksjskskskd omg i feel that so much. i have the first 4 seasons on dvd and had a couple of sheldon…

2 days ago

🦶🏼Queen Chey🦶🏼

@ElijahBlueAndr3 has to be sheldon, i love how smart and quirky he is and has such great character development &&&…

2 days ago

As in the days of Noah

@ds13_manon @Adenoughofit My Gf watches the big bang theory and at a glance I notice the sheldon character often ha…

2 days ago

Shawn Ryan

@JoshuaC6323 @m_sheldon I haven't. But there's a clothing line based in Columbus called Homage (not sure if you're…

5 days ago

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